White-throated Sparrow


How to Birdwatch
  • Why bother with birds?
  • Birds as little dinosaurs
  • Who are your backyard birds?
  • Your mind can "jump" at birds
  • The art of using field marks
  • Bird listening
  • The art of bird stalking
  • "Pigeon-holing" your finds
  • The Life List
  • Birding books
  • Getting involved
  • How to build a bluebird nest box
  • Bird Behavior
  • Birds know a different world
  • Programmed & learned behaviors
  • Imprinting
  • Birds with fantastic memories
  • Magnificent migration
  • Bird navigation
  • Bird behavior in our own backyards
  • Displays
  • Bird nests
  • Preening
  • The Physical Bird
  • The "Standard Bird"
  • Feathers
  • Seasonal plumage changes
  • Bird beaks
  • Bird eyes
  • Bird ears
  • Bird taste-buds and noses
  • Bird feet
  • Bird bones and muscles
  • Bird digestion and bird excretion
  • The bird song-box
  • Bird sex, and eggs

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    Daily News Feed from the Smithsonian's Migratory Bird Center
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