Your Own Effect on
human's hand

Today the Earth's community of living things, its biosphere (which includes us), is endangered. Quite possibly nothing threatens the welfare of Life on Earth more than human behavior. If you are a participating member of any consumption-oriented culture -- especially if you live in the United States -- you are responsible for unnecessarily destroying the Earth's Biosphere.

We are responsible because we use things which, when they are produced and sold, result in activities that damage or destroy parts of the Earth's living zone, its biosphere. A flip of the light switch is an order to the utilities to create air pollution and radioactive wastes as they produce electricity for your lamp. Even the aluminum foil around your stick of chewing gum carries its environmental price. Choosing to consume when it's not necessary, and choosing not to recycle, are profound statements about your own code of ethics and sensibility to Life on Earth. But, so is making the effort to change, to consume less, and to work to rehabilitate the Earth's living biosphere.

urban gardening
Urban rehabilitation project, Bruggen naar Rabot in Gent, Belgium. Image courtesy of "Lamiot"

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