RibbonsA red leaf fell from the top branch of the old Blackgum tree. It landed at Red Dog's feet as we walked in the front yard. Red Dog looked at me as if to ask what it meant. I almost said, "It means that fall is coming, Red Dog" but, instead, I said:

"Red Dog, this summer, nature has worked hard growing corn and trees. Every day nature has been busy and serious, but now it's beginning to smile. When fall really comes, Red Dog, nature will act plum crazy. Red Dog, I believe that that leaf is just a nature-giggle!"

I laughed to myself and Red Dog seemed to laugh, too.

"Red Dog," I continued, "maybe this summer we have been too serious."

Wondering what was on my mind, Red Dog lifted his eyebrows. I went into the house and quickly returned with two long ribbons -- a blue one and a red one -- and tied them around Red Dog's neck...

"Red Dog," I said, "let's run on the gravel road!"

Together we ran. Like carnival banners on a castle's tower, the long red and blue ribbons streamed from Red Dog's neck. I laughed and Red Dog barked, and the red and blue ribbons flew in the wind.

"Red Dog," I called, "not everything always has to make sense... !"

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