RainAcross the bean field, sweeping toward us like a thundering waterfall, the fantastic white curtain of rain poured from a dark cloud. As in a dream when something huge and terrible comes chasing, the rain was catching up with us as we ran toward home.

"Red Dog, go on home!" I commanded. I was too slow to outrun the rain but maybe Red Dog could.

Of course, Red Dog stayed with me.

When the air began smelling of ozone, and huge, widely spaced raindrops made mud-craters in the dust along the roadside, we understood that soon the flood would catch us.  Yes, this rain would drench us and soak us to the bone. Causing ear-splitting cracks of thunder, the lightning began striking all around us.

"Red Dog," I said, "let's sit at the road's edge. This lightning frightens me. If we stay low and don't go near tall trees or telephone poles, it won't hurt us. Let's just sit here and let the rain come... "

There was nothing bad about the storm. The rain was warm and it made everything so fresh. A billion, billion friendly raindrops washed us and tickled our backs. Lifting my face, I let raindrops explode inside my whiskers. Raindrops splattered into Red Dog's eyes, making him blink and smile.

The lightning stopped before the rain did. Without thinking, I stood and looked across the fields, and Red Dog stood with me. We saw waves of wind and rain making a joyful storm. And how alive the whole world seemed!

"Rain," I called, throwing open my arms and laughing, "Red Dog and I thank you!" 

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