Notes from
The Student Nurses' Little Blue Book
(recent snapshot)

Every prospective participant in the student nurse program is given a 3½- x 5¼-inch, eight-page booklet with a pale blue, soft cover. This publication provides a general description of Yerba Buena, its Student Nurse program, and the requirements for entry into the program. Here are some excerpts, translated from Spanish:

About Conduct:

The following rules are obligatory:

l. -- Strict temperance. (total abstention from tobacco, liquor, coffee, narcotics).

2. -- Purity of language. (books, recreation, music and associations that edify the mind and character).

3. -- No clandestine and improper friendships. Having Sweethearts during this course is absolutely prohibited.

4. -- Modest and simple clothing. (for ladies: dresses with sleeves that cover the shoulders and skirts that reach the knees)

5. -- Respect for your superiors, respect for your classmates, respect for others outside the institution.

6. -- Care in the use of material provided you.

7. -- Obedience is of vital importance.

8. -- Breaking of the above rules will constitute grounds for suspension.

"The course lasts for two years and upon graduation a diploma is given indicating the course's completion. No title is extended, for that requires a more extensive preparation, which we cannot supply. However, the two-year course does provide an education that is useful and of benefit to mankind. The young man or lady should be dedicated and ready to serve humanity, and to impart his or her knowledge to others."

Last entry in pamphlet:

"True education means more than the taking of a determined course of study. It means more than preparing for today's life. It embraces the whole being and all the period of existence accessible to man. It is the harmonious development of physical, mental and spiritual faculties. It prepares the student to enjoy serving in this world, and for a superior joy given by a wider service."

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