(snapshot dated October, 1982)

By l982 the Comstocks are officially in retirement from their work at Yerba Buena. Administration of the institution has been turned over to Nela, their daughter-in-law. The following entry in the September - October, l982 issue of the Newsletter describes a very serious problem for Yerba Buena -- one which has not been resolved to this very day. The entry is written by Nela:

On August 22, l982, approximately one-hundred men, some armed with rifles, others with axes and machetes, invaded the private property of Yerba Buena. They and their surveyor claimed that about 50% of all the Yerba Buena property belonged to them as members of the Ejido of Pueblo Nuevo. (An Ejido in Mexico is a parcel, sometimes thousands of acres, of government owned or formerly privately owned land that has been deeded to a group of people as communal property.)

I talked with the Commissioner of Pueblo Nuevo who was in charge of the group. He answered me in a very uncouth, unchristianlike manner. His manner was repulsive to me, especially since he claimed to be an influential member of the Pueblo Nuevo S.D.A. Church. (E. Note - This Commissioner was later disfellowshipped by the Pueblo Nuevo S.D.A. Church.)

This group also claimed that 50% of the property of Linda Vista S.D.A. Union Academy and Junior College was theirs. They also claimed a large portion of some other private properties adjoining Linda Vista. The owner of one of the properties down in the valley, (a member of a famous, or infamous family of murderers) met this group of invaders at his property line and informed them that he would gladly give some of his property to each one of them, two meters of ground for each one, (enough for a burial plot!). They did not invade his property.

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