"Water System Update"
(snapshot dated 1986 )

In the spring of l986, Ray Comstock is 73 years old. His energies and thoughts are consumed by Yerba Buena's need for a dependable source of clean water. His note to family and supporters in the March/April, l986 issue of the Newsletter shows exactly what's on his mind:

Yerba Buena's dam & water supply
Yerba Buena's finished dam and water supply

During the past months, with the donations you have sent for a new water system, l,036 meters of 2 l/4-inch high-pressure PVC pipe has been installed to bring water from the dams in the rain forest down to the holding tanks. The l-inch galvanized pipe, which had served for many years, had so many leaks that it was useless to try to patch them any longer. Ash from the volcano increased the corrosion in the pipes. Right now the new water tank has the footings and floor poured, most of the reinforcement rods in, and some of the rock broken for use in the walls. The items still needed include: 200 meters PVC pipe and some black plastic pipe to complete the lines, valves, cement, sand, rock (blasting, hauling, crushing), 2 tons of reinforcement rods, expenses of the truck, and labor. If materials can be purchased before prices rise again, we expect the cost to be about $7,000.00 (U.S.). Last week we also realized a new hindrance to finishing the project when the engine on the rock crusher broke down. A new one will cost $900.00. Please pray with us that the Lord will make a way to get a replacement soon. Thank you!

Several major disasters in recent years, plus the drop in petroleum prices, has seriously affected Mexico's economy. The destruction and suffering caused by the eruption of the Chichonal volcano; the gas explosion in San Juanico, and the terrible earthquakes in Mexico City last September can only be appreciated fully by those who survived them. Yet inflation is being felt keenly by the entire nation, and especially by the common people whose wages remain much the same. For example: A few weeks ago a housewife could buy a liter of cooking oil for $l75.00 pesos. Today she must pay $600.00! Materials and parts for construction and maintenance have gone up as much as 500% during recent months.

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