machetes & knives
Display at a mercado in Jalpan, Querétaro

swords & knifes Machetes, swords, and various kinds of knives are produced mainly in Oaxaca and Guerrero. Chilapa, Guerrero specializes in uniquely curved machetes called yahuales.

In Villa Escalante, Michoacán, a copper industry survives from the days of Vasco de Quiroga, Michoacán's first bishop, who arrived in Mexico in 1530. Mexicans celebrate de Quiroga not only because he defended Indians against the usual abuses, but also because he established schools, hospitals, and handicraft workshops among Indian communities. The former name of Villa Escalante is Santa Clara del Cobre, cobre being the name for copper. Among copper items to look for are bells, cups, flower vases, and ornamental pieces.