The Concept

Our concept is to realize this vision:

Someday it will be general knowledge among us living in the uplands immediately east of the Mississippi River that we reside in a well defined physiographic region known as the Loess Hills. We shall also know that our Loess Hills are remarkable for their natural history, and outstanding for their collection of important historical sites.

Someday increased numbers of visitors from outside our region will target our Loess Hills as an ecotour destination. Then our Hills will be crisscrossed by hiking and horse-riding trails, biking routes and well marked backcountry roads. The wonderful, well-signed MRT (Mississippi River Trail) Bicycle Trail already extends through most of our region. Someday an ecotourism infrastructure will consist of such establishments as bed-and-breakfast lodging in out-of-the-way places, canoe rentals for wildlife viewing in swamps, stables offering horse rentals for trail riding, pay-fishing ponds, etc. Ultimately a national campaign will inform travelers of the desirability of traveling north/south in our region one way via the Natchez Trace, and the other way via our Loess Hills...

The first step toward this goal is for us citizens of the Loess Hills to educate ourselves. We can accomplish this as we work together to enlarge this web site, which later will serve to promote our region internationally as a desirable ecotour destination.

Anyone who writes a good essay or term paper on an historical event that has taken place in our Loess Zone may be able to publish it here. Anyone with a great picture of a native plant or animal, rock, fossil, projectile point, or whatever, can make it available for others to see here. Anyone interested in spending a weekend producing a map of his or her Loess-Hills county highlighting the prettiest backroads and the most interesting visiting spots can post that map on the Internet here.

But, before all these ideas can begin crystallizing, we have to get a little organized. Read on about the Project Status And How You Can Get Involved.