nature therapyBeing close to Nature makes you feel better.

Part of it is just getting away from the hassle of everyday life, but more important is the way Nature speaks to you.

The concept of Nature Therapy is catching on, but most Nature Therapy programs are conducted by psychologists using Nature as an environment for practicing standard psychological treatments. Sometimes it's best to let Nature do the treating.

For, humans became humans while enmeshed in Nature. We are programmed to respond to natural stimuli. Experiencing seasonal cycles, smelling the forest after a rain, witnessing and thinking about how certain orchid flowers trick bees into pollinating them... all positively influence the human spirit.

When modern life isolates us from these stimuli, we miss Nature's nurturing influences. For example, when we no longer have personal experience with Nature's incredibly complex and beautiful Web of Life, we miss out on knowing a powerful paradigm suggesting patterns for ordering our own  lives. Nature's manner of being suggests insights for ethical, sustainable living.

And intimacy with Nature brings into us this spirit-nourishing insight: The Creator is like a musician, the Universe is The Creator's song, and we are parts of that song. This insight reveals to us the importance and beauty of our own being.

In this context, studying nature becomes therapy. Using techniques outlined at this website, your mind fills with the influences of flowers' natural colors and textures, of birdsong and bird behavior, of the elegance of crystal faces in grains of quartz sand... As you study Nature, Nature speaks to you. As you study, Nature heals you, and inspires you.

And, this therapy is free.