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Three years in the making, Life of Birds traverses the globe, visiting 42 countries from the Arctic to the Antarctic and watching 300 different species we find that, birds have developed some bizarre ways of finding food and getting a mate. Pushing filming technology to the limits, new behavior is brought to the screen in staggering detail. With over 9,000 bird species worldwide this series captures birds in all their glorious detail and reveals the secret of their phenomenal success.
Rolling Stone raved that Winged Migration, the critically acclaimed, awe-inspiring documentary, is A movie miracle! It soars! You feel privileged! Witness as five film crews follow a rich variety of bird migrations through 40 countries and each of the seven continents. With teams totalling more than 450 people, 17 pilots and 14 cinematographers used planes, gliders, helicopters and balloons to fly alongside, above, below and in front of their subjects.
In 1996 a peasant sent a strange fossil to the National Geological Museum in China.The bone structure of this animal is dinosaur-like, but strangely, the animal had a covering of hair-like structure. Is it feathers? This extraordinary fossil caused a great debate some scholars thought it was a bird, some thought it a dinosaur. Is it a bird or dinosaur
Here you learn the basics of how to build, grow and maintain a successful vegetable garden. Each episode tackles a component of vegetable gardening--focusing on America's favorite vegetable, tomatoes, for example, or building raised beds. Host Joe Lamp'l also illustrates the classic gardening basics, then goes beyond the most commonly planted vegetables to demonstrate things such as incorporating a vegetable garden in to the landscape and building a hydroponic garden.
Three teams, one goal: create a nutritious three-course meal using only wild foods found in the woods. At the end of the show, the three teams gather at a northern resort where they prepare and enjoy their wild meal outside. Eating Wild is ‘Survivor’ meets ‘Emerald’. Who knew nature tasted so good?
Featuring animation from the Space Telescope Science Institute, NASA, and The European Space Agency, the movie includes context-driven, interactive links to a companion website at To facilitate learning and classroom integration, the website provides detailed study guides and essay questions for students to answer and email back to teachers and/or parents.